Gangsta Shyt 2: No More Rules

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After handing over all power to GENIE to make good on his promise to SUGAR that he\'d leave the cocaine business alone, while on a trip to Africa, TONY is given an offer he cannot refuse. One that allows him to take the reins of a lucrative diamond trade by Nigerian and international gangster, IKE QUARTIER. Standing in Tony\'s way and trying to muscle in on his new cash crop is a ruthless Russian Mafia boss named YURI \"The Reaper\" LAVROV who is also Quartier\'s old nemesis. Lavrov, along with two beautiful, identical twin, black female assassins, present the type of challenge that Tony, Sugar and Genie never faced before. With NO MORE RULES, no more boundaries and no more lines drawn, the streets of Brooklyn and Florida are in store for more GANGSTA SHYT.