Gangsta Shyt 3: The End Game

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After assuming a lucrative diamond trade, ANTONIO becomes locked in a fierce battle for supremacy and survival with a deadly Russian mafioso, YURI, and his even deadlier identical twin female assassins. The war that ensued on the streets of New York is unlike anything it has ever seen, and the casualties are many. When Tony\'s queen, SUGAR, and her brother are kidnapped after a gun battle with LAVROV, the streets threaten to overflow with vengeance and dead bodies. Looking to settle old scores and end their fatal rivalry once and for all, both sides are determined to come out on top. However, there is another storm brewing, a storm that the Stallworth Crime family may not be ready for. But in Tony and GENIE\'s deck of cards is an ace and her name is Sugar. So get ready to take a ride perhaps your last and brace yourself for another round of GANGSTA SHYT.