Gods & Gangsters 3: An Illuminati Novel

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A continuation of the Gods & Gangsters series, Part Three brings heroine Egypt on a whole new job, fulling of catching cases...and bodies.

On the mean streets where dog eats dog there is always one that has sharper claws and bigger teeth, and in New York her name is Egypt. Never an ordinary girl, Egypt learned the hard way that life, even when it is being kind, is a bastard. A survivor, she did what she needed to make it from day-to-day. And it turned out she was good at it. Better than good. Egypt grew into an extraordinary woman, cold, ruthless, a killer at heart, and New York witnessed her metamorphosis from that innocent child to the most feared assassin of the age. Gods & Gangsters 3 is a continuation of the series, placing Egypt in the driver\'s seat for a wild ride.