Gone Tomorrow

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - \"High-powered, intricately wrought suspense.\"--Janet Maslin, The New York Times

\"Hold on tight. . . . This novel will give you whiplash as you rabidly turn pages. . . . May be [Lee Child\'s] best.\"--USA Today

New York City. Two in the morning. A subway car heading uptown. Jack Reacher, plus five other passengers. Four are okay. The fifth isn\'t. And if you think Reacher isn\'t going to get involved . . . then you don\'t know Jack.

Susan Mark, the fifth passenger, had a big secret, and her plain little life was being watched in Washington, and California, and Afghanistan--by dozens of people with one thing in common: They\'re all lying to Reacher. A little. A lot. Or just enough to get him killed. A race has begun through the streets of Manhattan, a maze crowded with violent, skilled soldiers on all sides of a shadow war. For Jack Reacher, a man who trusts no one and likes it that way, the finish line comes when you finally get face-to-face and look your worst enemy in the eye.

\"Propulsive . . . [Child is] an expert at ratcheting up tension.\"--Los Angeles Times

\"A top-notch thriller.\"--Booklist (starred review)

\"Edgy . . . thoroughly engrossing.\"--The Miami Herald