Holding His Heart & His Gun: A Savage Love Story

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Love has never had it easy growing up. Losing her mother to the prison system, she had to step in and raise herself. Besides her mother, the only other person she has had is her best friend, Brandi. Living together and trying to make ends meet in expensive New York City seems nearly impossible. Especially, when her best friend has three mouths to feed, along with her dead beat baby father. Keeping her head low and working at a hotel for close to minimum wage, Love is convinced that things will pick up for her. That is, until Burna pushes himself into her life -- literally. Burna is the black casanova. Known to have a few chicks on his team, he\'s not tied to anyone. Used to having women throw themselves at him, he meets his match one drunken night. When he awakes from a night of wild sex and heavy drinking with missing money, plus jewelry, he finds Love in his hotel room and all hell breaks loose. When this smart-mouthed Brooklyn girl crosses paths with him, a chance encounter turns into something more. But with a girl like Love, will Burna be able to add her to his team? Or will his heart get involved, making him start letting players off his team, for just one? Kashira has been the girl that every man has wanted, Boogie especially. He has watched her for many years, but always kept it friendly. One night out changes it all for them both. Except, both of them are too stubborn to admit it. When Boogie finds out that Kashira has been hiding secrets, will he be able to forgive? Or will he step away from the situation altogether?