Hood Luv In Miami

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Sadie and Nate were the ideal hood, loving couple raising their five-year-old daughter on their own. Nate hustled and did nothing but provide for his own. Sadie stood by his side and promised that she would always have his back, but their world was shattered when he got sentenced to prison for burglary. Sadie was now alone with their daughter, Taylor, with her back against the wall. Now with her backbone being sent away and her plans turned into dead ends, she faced the daily struggles of life, until she met Kareem. He introduced her to the new ways of hustling, and unexpectedly, he captured her heart like she thought no other man would beside Nate. Kareem, raised in one of the roughest neighborhoods, Little Haiti, was one of Miami\'s big-time scammers. Addicted to the fast life and lifestyle, he knew that the only thing that was priceless would be having a queen in his life when he finally meets Sadie. With her heart still with Nate, she is now intrigued by Kareem. He vowed to do right by her and Taylor while showing her the ways to make numbers. The two lost souls who craved love were now inseparable until a headache from Kareem\'s past causes chaos in their relationship. When betrayal, challenges, situations, and emotions arise, the two fight to hold each other down. Sadie and Kareem have one question in mind: will love win?