How to Draw Flowers and Trees: A Beginner's Guide. Simple techniques to create beautiful forms

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Ah, nature, we all want to capture the majesty of it in pictures, on video, on canvas and with pencil and paper, and you want to learn how to capture nature like the multitudes of people you see online. The problem is you're trying and getting frustrated time and time again. You\'ve looked up tutorials, and tried to follow books that claimed a step-by-step process only for it to leave you with more questions than what you started.

You\'re in luck. I understand your problems, and I was in your place. That is why I have put together this beginning tutorial book to get you started. I promise to take you step-by-step and explain the process along the way to answer the questions you have from other sources. So, if you're ready to start learning how to draw flowers and trees, this is the book for you. What are you waiting for?

What You will learn:

- Drawing advice and Tools of the Trade

- Looking for shapes

- A Simple Flower

- The Gerbera Daisy

- Purple Aster

- Lets Tip Toe...

- A cluster of Flowers

- Dogwood Branch

- Leaf

- Leaf Cluster

- Pine/Fir Trees

- Cluster Flowers

- The Fern

- The Branch

- Trees

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