Kali: Raunchy Relived (the Cartel Publications Presents)

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What did Kalive Miller do now? Blindfolded and bound, Kali and two strangers are abducted and thrown in the back of a van, which makes a trip to their unmarked graves. As life flashes before Kali\'s eyes, we meet Bernice Davenport, his young gullible mother and Rufus Miller, his deranged, sex craved father. After refusing to follow the rules under her mother\'s reign, Bernice is thrown out on the streets. Homeless, she believes her troubles are over when she meets Rufus who offers her a place to stay. However this gift comes with many secrets and before long she learns that he is far from sane. Wanting to escape his dangerous mood swings, her world is rocked when she discovers she\'s pregnant and needs the savage even more. Growing up tough is an understatement for young Kalive. As a teenager he learns to fend for himself despite not having an ideal childhood. Just when things get bad tragedy strikes again and a monster is born. Kali: Raunchy Relived explores how one of the vilest character\'s T. Styles has ever written came to be. Raunchy fans are in for a twisted treat.