King of New York 3: The Life of Showbiz

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SHOWBIZ is the first born, and prince of the infamous drug lord, CHICO VEGA. True to his bloodline, he is relentless, cold-hearted, street-smart and vicious beyond description. But will his treacherous acumen also become his undoing?

From a young age he's been told by his mother, AMELIA, that he\'s the heir to the family's dynasty, but the young wolf lacks the patience to wait. With big plans, Showbiz hits the grimy, unforgiving ghettos of New York on a twofold mission. First he must conquer the game from borough to borough. Then, he'll attempt the unthinkable.
With ruthless and lethal aggression, Showbiz comes for his father's throne. Love, loyalty nor a familial bond can dissuade him. But Chico is not to be tested without severe consequences. Who will survive this interpersonal war, father or son? Only one can be KING OF NEW YORK.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 190 pages

Publish Date: March 11, 2019