Lay It Down 2: Forced To Kill

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After waking up in the hospital with a hole in her chest, SWEETS knows that she has no other choice but to kill her ex-boyfriend, JAY, before he manages to put her down for good next time. Waiting is not an option, she must bust her gun as soon as she\'s out of the hospital and back on her feet. Hesitation will surely cost Sweets her life, as Jay is determined to see her dead. The streets of Lynchburg run red with blood as Sweets enters into a game of cat and mouse in her efforts to flush Jay out of hiding. But life can\'t be paused and there are other problems that arise in the wake of the hunt. With death and her downfall beckoning, Sweets is determined to protect her daughter, BEAUTY, from the casualties of the life she has chosen. But does Beauty need protection from Sweets\' enemies or do they need protection from her? The game Sweets play is full of danger and deceit at every turn. Friends become deadly enemies in the blink of an eye, and loyalty is nothing but a lie. And when a bitch is out for revenge, there is no place on earth to hide. LAY IT DOWN isn\'t just her motto, it becomes her way of life or death.