Lay It Down: She's Hell Bent On Making It

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Life got off to a rough start for CORONA aka Sweets but giving up is not in her DNA. Instead of relying on her beauty and sex appeal to make it out of the hood, she decides to go to college and make something of herself. But along the way Sweets gets caught up in the allure of her boyfriend\'s hustle and the fast money becomes addictive. Bringing her two closest friends, DIMPLES and BLACK, into her newfound hustle, Sweets and her girls set out to get major money in an easy way. All they have to do is take it! And when they do, the game has never seen a crew as lethal as these chicks. LAY IT DOWN ain\'t just a slogan, it becomes their way of life, their drug. But in the streets, there\'s always the other side of the game. And what you do to others come back at you with a vengeance. Will Sweets and her crew win a deathly battle against that bitch called karma? Or will their greed lead them to an early grave?