Love Knows No Boundaries

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There\'s a right and a wrong way to love and to be loved, but what happens when that love has no limits? How far is too far? Is it ACACIA\'s jealousy that causes her to dangerously love? Willing to lose her sanity before losing her man? Is it MINNIE\'s blind devotion to her husband that renders her unable to see the duplicitous life he leads that threatens to shatter their marriage? Is it ELIAS\' narcissism that makes him incapable of loving anyone but himself? But having met his egotistical match, will her indifference make him love her as insanely as he loved himself? Or is it SAMIYAH\'s immeasurable urge to quench the loneliness in her relationship with outside indulgences? Torn between two, who will she choose? Him or her? Faced with unforgiving realities, these close friends prove in heartbreaking clarity what happens when LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES.