Love Knows No Boundaries 2: Karma Unleashed

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What is the price MINNIE must pay for loving her husband so blindly? And what\'s SAMIYAH to do when boyfriend #2 doesn\'t take GERRAN, the other man in her life, too kindly? Now that SLEEPY is home, he learns he\'s not there alone. His brother\'s in bed with his girlfriend. ELI\'s on the verge of losing his nerve because he doesn\'t like the taste of his own medicine. As it happens in life, the eyes often deceive. What some think is real, could be make-believe. But there will be punishments for the deceitful webs that they weave. And some will be trapped in situations they can\'t leave. The drama is thick and the betrayal is deep. Because LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES when Karma\'s Unleashed!