Love Letters 1909: : A Long Distance Romance Through the Mail

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She thinks she\'s writing to an old friend.

He knows it wasn\'t meant for him, but it bears his name, so he decides to write back.

Was it a twist of fate, or Providence that sent this letter to the wrong address?

Estella is a modern girl who works as a candy maker for the Kellogg\'s company and enjoys a lively social life, but she still spends the occasional evening alone with her black cat.

Most of her friends are already married, but Estella is holding out for the right man. When she mails a postcard to an old friend, she hopes for a quick reply. She never dreams it will reach a stranger with the same name.

Edwin is a machinist who has little time to look for a wife. He\'s been taking care of his mother and sisters since the death of his father.

He spends his evenings practicing maneuvers with the Michigan National Guard. He\'s one of the best marksmen in the state--a fact his mother finds ironic since he can\'t even kill a chicken for his dinner.

Ragtime Bands are the pop music of the day. Edwin writes marches and plays in his own marching band.

When a postcard arrives addressed to a Mr. Edwin Ellis, he realizes it was intended for someone else, but he can\'t resist the opportunity to write back.

His band is playing a love song while the train carries Edwin\'s response from Grand Rapids to Battle Creek.

Estella\'s heart is racing to its own rhythm as she reaches for the letter because she thinks she recognizes the handwriting.

Hidden in a Trunk for Over a Century

What you are about to read is not fiction, but a real-life conversation. This slice of Americana will whisk you away to 1909--a simpler time where the mail takes days and people have time to care about their neighbors. It\'s a world where getting the wrong piece of mail might just change your life.

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Go ahead, peek inside their letters. Edwin and Estella will charm each other and win your heart as well!