Morgan's Crossing

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About Morgan\'s Crossing; A devastating letter addressed to critically wounded soldier Orville Jenkins arrives to a army hospital outside Paris. His beloved Kelly Hennessy, mother of his son, had succumbed to the great flu pandemic. Private First Class, Orville Jenkins, before drawing his final breath had but one request. Worried about him and Kelly\'s son, Morgan, Orville called on fellow soldier and hometown friend, geraint, to intercede and protect Morgan from the stigma surrounding growing up in an orphanage. Orville intended a better life for the son he would never see; he wanted Geranit\'s parents to raise the child. The young soldier did as promised and brought young Morgan home to his folks, Mari and Rhodri Evans. The unsuspecting coalming town had its share of disturbances from the Jenkins clan but none so menacing as Bill Jenkins. A manipulating lunatic who sets his sights on a local boy named Morgan. Who Bill believes is the offspring of his deceased brother, Orville. Obsessed with the boy, Bill befriends Morgan and seeks out a way to right the wrong done to the Jenkins name and comes up with a plan. After murdering the boy\'s grandfather, Sean Hennessy, Bill seeks out a relationship with Sean\'s newly widowed wife, Cate, who after years of abuse failed to mourn or report his passing. Cate\'s devotion to her friends and family trumped Bill\'s plan to flee New Salem with her and Morgan at his side. His mistake would eventually cost someone their life.