Murda Season 2

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There is no deadlier father and son team in the game than MURDA and WEB, and now they are up against some of the most powerful and dangerous men in the world.

With TOOKIE and little brother, GUNNA, at his side, Murda is primed to seize control of the drug trade in Brooklyn, New York, but their \"ops\" won\'t lay down and roll over. It\'s gonna be bloodletting as various fractions challenge them for superiority. The Mafia is out for blood and so is RAFAEL, the Columbian Cartel boss.

CHELSEA is in Las Vegas, running her father\'s casino operations but she has unfinished business back in New York. With her dad\'s power behind her, the true savage will come out. Who will be ready for her wrath? Meanwhile, CARMILLA is hell-bent on bringing Web down. Surrounded by utter deception, lies and secrets, can anyone be trusted when MURDA SEASON goes into full savage mode?