One Night Stand

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Have you ever been played? Most will say, yes, and just take the defeat on the chin, but not Zariah Hartfield. Life had already dealt her a bad hand, landing her in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate who thought she was a nut-case, and who desperately tried to get away from Zariah and her odd behavior and controlling ways. As luck would have it, Zariah hooked up with Hardy, a sexy, suave piece of eye candy who laughed her out of her panties the first night then tried to tell her to forget it ever happened the next day. Unfortunately, Hardy wasn\'t aware of her past and that the woman he\'d slept with wasn\'t the forgiving type. Before long, his wife is in danger and Hardy\'s secrets are exposed . Zariah wants revenge and decides she deserves everything she\'s always been missing; money, power, and respect. With Zariah\'s over the top personality and tricks up her sleeve, this book is a cross between the modern day fatal attraction and single black female. Beware