Raised as a Goon 4: Unforgivable Sins

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After getting rid of the monster that was his father, and slaying his brother JUICE, TAURUS thought he had rid his life of evil. His plan was to forget that he was RAISED AS A GOON; he wanted to shed that part of himself and live a trouble-free life.

Just when things begin to look bright, an old enemy emerges and this one is ten times more powerful than anyone he\'s faced before. With death lurking around every corner will Taurus be able to continue to protect the women in his life? Or will they get caught in a cesspool and suffer the grisly fate meant for him?

Meanwhile, BLAZE becomes pregnant with Taurus\' child. When she decides it\'s time to walk away from the game for the sake of their unborn, she\'s met with strong opposition in the form of PRINCESS, who refuses to let her have her happiness.

With two women vying for his love, and the Boss of the underworld gunning for his head, Taurus can\'t afford a single misstep. Is he up to the challenge? Or will he finally meet his demise?