Raunchy 2: Mad's Love (the Cartel Publications Presents)

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After escaping death at her own child\'s hands, you\'d think Harmony Phillips would change. Instead she feels resentful believing her kids took the life from her she felt she deserved. In a bed in Concord Manor, she is nursed back to health by those she wrote off. And while her mind hatches all kinds of revengeful mental and physical plans, she doesn\'t look into the eyes of one of her kids. Had she looked long and hard, she would have seen that she had nourished a mind so evil that it would make her own schemes seem saintly. Mad\'s only mission in life is to show the world what kind of a person the woman who gave birth to her is. To makes matters worse, she has taken a liking to her father Kali, and that\'s when all hell breaks loose. The last part of this trilogy Raunchy 3: Jayden\'s Passion follows this novel.