This Is Why I Love You

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For Kway and Shatee\', blood couldn\'t make them any closer. The bond the two shared often caused rifts in their own individual relationships. But were those rifts enough for them to leave each other alone?With the loss of her job, car, and boyfriend, Shatee\' was tired of being dealt a bad hand. She turned to her best friend, Kway, for comfort, but, his girlfriend, Jerica, often made things hard for her. Knowing that Jerica was not the one for Kway, Shatee\' was too afraid to tell him that she thought they would be the perfect match. Little did she know, Kway felt the same way.Kway was never a man to bite his tongue. However, when it came to Jerica, he let a lot of things fly, even her disrespect for Shatee\'. While Kway thought he was doing his best with juggling the two most important women in the world to him, he quickly learns that while he was pleasing one, he was losing the other. When Shatee\' gives up and walks away from Kway, how far is he willing to go to get her back in his life?Find out what happens when Shatee\' confesses her love to Kway in... This Is Why I Love You!!!