Thugs Cry 3: Respect My Gangsta

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Money, power, respect and the battle for one woman\'s love pitted two notorious drug dealers against each other in a bloody battle that left behind many casualties.
Young NARD has finally brought down CJ, Newark, New Jersey\'s most powerful and most dynamic crack King. But the baby-faced drug kingpin has made one monumental mistake--he left RAHEEM dying, but with an ounce of life still in him.
If Rah survives, there\'s going to be a war in the streets unlike anything the decrepit city has ever witnessed, as he seeks to avenge the death of a friend whom he loved like a brother.
Both men are thinkers, and they both have murderous goons at their disposal. But only one side can be victorious.
Which side will it be? Will Nard\'s ego remain in check as his stature explodes to astronomical heights in the hood? If Raheem lives, will he prove that his gangsta is as cold as his mind is sharp? Nothing is for certain but death. But who\'s death will it be? This time when THUGS CRY, they\'ll cry more than tears--they\'ll cry blood. Lots of it!