Total Jump System: How to Jump 8-14 Higher or More

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Learn How to Jump 8\"-14\" Higher or More!

Hi my name is Trevor Thomas. I have developed a proven system that will have you jumping 8\"-14\" higher or more in a matter of weeks! This can be used for basketball, volleyball, track and field, or any other sport where jumping is crucial to your success. I put a lot of time and research into this book and know it will help you succeed.

Here\'s What You\'ll Learn In This Book!

  • How to plan your athletic goals to get the most out of this system. (Page 7)
  • Our suggestions for preparing for workouts. This includes what foods to eat, what to drink, and more! (Page 9)
  • All the equipment needed for this system... oh that\'s right, you already have it! No need to buy anything as the only equipment needed is your own body weight and common items you already have around your house. (Page 11)
  • The complete system; this includes the exact exercises to do, and how to do them with extensive written explanations, pictures, AND video links so you know exactly what you\'re doing! (Page 15)
  • Two optional exercises that increase your speed and stamina and really put the icing on the cake for this program. (Page 32)
  • We explain how to measure your progress so you know exactly how much height you\'ve gained each week. (Page 35)
  • The workout chart and progress chart which guide you step by step through the system so you always know what to do and when to do it! (Page 38)
  • And so MUCH MORE!

If you play basketball, volleyball, or any sport where jumping is crucial, you can\'t risk not knowing this information! You can jump 8\"-14\" higher or more in just weeks!

Stop what you\'re doing, get this book, and learn how to jump higher TODAY!