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Train Like a Fighter: Get Mma Fit Without Taking a Hit

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Sculpt your body like a mixed martial arts athlete with 60 exercises and 20 routines, suitable for beginners to pros.

You love watching your favorite MMA fighters compete, and you\'d love to get ripped like them, but without having to actually fight anyone. Well, the good news is you don\'t have to become a fighter to look like one!

In Train Like a Fighter, professional mixed martial artist and UFC champion Cat Zingano offers step-by-step instructions for exercises she uses to get in fighting shape--exercises focused on strengthening your upper body, core, and lower body, as well as full-body training movements.

Cat also gives you three 4-week training programs filled with intense routines built from these exercises--all geared toward helping you reach your fitness and physique goals. At no point in following these programs will you have to take a punch, but once you\'ve completed them you\'ll definitely look like you can throw one!

Book Features:
* The physical, mental, and emotional benefits to training like an MMA fighter
* Proper techniques, starting stances, and common moves, such as jabs, uppercuts, and kicks
* The right kinds of gear and equipment to use for training
* Exercises for warming up and cooling down for exercises, routines, and programs
* Cat Zingano\'s personal training diet as well as other diet tips