Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study

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Great health is not optional nor is it out of reach.
Yet it is overwhelming to peruse the unlimited resources of expert advice.
What if there was 1 source that had all the answers and it wouldn't change in 5 years?
Did you even know there was such as book?
Well there is, and it will clearly outline for you a plan that will work today, tomorrow and for years to come.  No more searching. Just satisfaction of knowing.
It seems like a treasure hunt as you read through this book discovering for yourself how your body was designed for a purpose and by a loving God.
Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study will guide you through Scripture to uncover for yourself a new craving for really good food and really good health.
You will wonder why you missed it all these years. I know I did.
Food is basic and the answers are simple.  Challenge yourself and see it for real.
Enjoy this Bible study in a group, as a family or by yourself.  God will join you and delight in your desire to learn this intimate information.

Binding / Paperback: 408 pages

Publish Date: 14 May 2012