Triple Tease

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Do the ends justify the means? That\'s the ethical dilemma Tony Flood\'s superb pacy and gripping crime thriller turns on. Super delicious heroine Katrina takes revenge for the assault on her sister. She then challenges compassionate copper DCI Livermore to ignore the rule book and offers to help him nail a serial killer by acting as the bait in a honey trap. Katrina goes on a date with the main suspect, and there\'s another murder as the plot twists and turns to reach a totally unexpected climax. This riveting read even reveals the thoughts of the mystery killer! It\'s brimful with colourful characters -- and sensual sex -- so hold on tight! - BRIAN CAPRON, actor (serial killer Richard Hillman in \'Coronation Street)


The influence of eccentric pop star Prince, who tragically died at just 57, was so great that Tony Flood even \'modeled\' one of the characters in his sexy crime thriller Triple Tease on the musical icon. Award winning author Tony Flood says: \"I made one of my colourful murder suspects, Kendrick Alleyne, one of Prince\'s greatest fans and gave him Prince\'s frizzy hairdo, ostentatious ear-cuff and large round gaudy sunglasses - plus bright yellow pants and yellow high heeled boots! \"Obviously he didn\'t have Prince\'s style - but, then, nobody did. Prince has been a massive loss - he was a fantastic artist and a great inspiration, not only to performers, but also to writers like me.\" Triple Tease has received glowing reviews from best selling authors Peter James and Tamara McKinley, as well as actor Brian Capron of Coronation Street fame. Former West End actor Alan Baker says: \"It\'s a riveting thriller, and the sex scenes put Fifty Shades of Grey into the shade!\" For details about Triple Tease go to website http: // Former Fleet Street journalist and Sky Television executive Tony Flood is best known for his celebrity revelations book \'My Life With The Stars\', which is full of amusing anecdotes about Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Joan Collins, Britt Ekland, Mohammad Ali, George Best and other personalities who he interviewed. His new crime thriller is interesting TV and theatre producers. Patric Kearns, a director with Talking Scarlet Productions, says: \"Triple Tease is a brilliant thriller. It\'s also wickedly funny, steamily sexy and impossible to put down.\"