Truce 4: The Finale (The Cartel Publications Presents)

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Can a never-ending War really lead to a Truce?

It\'s true, Banks Wales is back with a vengeance. After regaining most of his memories, he makes it his business to resume his regularly scheduled program.

Getting his family to the new and improved Wales Island.

But when a blast from the past with a vendetta learns of his plans, he releases Baltimore\'s grimiest hoodlums, which cause Banks more problems than he can foresee.

But outsiders are not his only concern.

Although the Wales clan tries their hardest to stick with Banks\' program, they soon allow their personal lives and circumstances to interfere. In the end blood and tears are shed as evil closes in on this family.

Not every Wales will make it to paradise.

Truce 4 applies pressure.

This is an emotional ride.