True Savage 4: A Criminal Clan

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Born into a family of drug dealers and vicious killers who was led by her father, JIMMIE, and her uncle, GHOST, whose savagery was street legendary, REESES became a bad chick who was all about her money at an early age. Dr

At every step, Reeses is tested and she passes each test with flying bullets and feminine guile. Things change when she unwittingly delves into a criminal empire that\'s ran by ruthless men who want to put her in a woman\'s place and make her pay for the sins of her father.

When the betrayal and death toll reach monstrous proportions, will the daughter of a savage be able to withstand the ire of a powerful crime conglomerate? Or will the pressure force Reeses to break?

These deadly, greedy and conniving men are about to find out that a woman can be a man\'s best friend or his worst enemy, especially when they are the seeds of a TRUE SAVAGE.