Trust No Man 3: Like Father, Like Son

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After his father was executed, LIL T vowed to seek revenge against every individual who played a part in Youngblood\'s downfall. Anybody whose testimony helped convict and send Youngblood to death row was sure to catch hell on earth. Following in his father\'s footsteps, Lil T dons the name \"TROUBLE\", and his name holds the true weight of its meaning. The time has arrived when Lil T is all grown up and filled with bitterness. He\'s dead-set on avenging his father\'s death. The ATL is about to feel his pain! By his side, like a trustworthy 9mm, is his beautiful but deadly ride or die chick, KAMORA, and his comrade, CRIMINAL, whose gangsta is just as official as Lil T\'s. Will love and loyalty prevail over the usual downfalls of greed, jealousy and betrayal as they set the ATL on fiyah?