Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

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Psychiatrist, Glenda Ross loves working with women and has agreed to help a group of friends. However, her experience didn\'t prepare her for these four women. Lousa Barrymore thought she\'d found the man of her dreams when she met handsome, Bryan Cruise. He\'d swept her away from an abusive relationship. Unbeknownst to her, he turns out to be somewhat of the same nature. She finds unimaginable ways to stop the beatings, but she may not be able to survive the aftermath. Free-spirited singer, Delisha Mathews doesn\'t want to be tied down to anything except her music, her job and her upcoming record deal. But, her lover, Marcus Daniels, is hell-bent on making her his wife. When he finds out about her six-month rule and the string of broken hearts she\'s left behind, he goes over the deep-end. Will this turn out to be an affair that she ultimately regrets? Naive housewife, Shanea Townsend, is married to rich, powerful Attorney, Arlondo. She shouldn\'t have a care in the world, but she\'s constantly worried about her husband\'s business meetings, late night phone calls, and mistresses. Will her insecurities cause her to lose her marriage and everything she\'s worked so hard to keep? Tressa Washington was the perfect wife, mother, friend and employee, but after her husband\'s tragic death, she became addicted to a secret indulgence of sex and late-night hookups. Randall Seville is a one-night-stand that she can\'t forget, but he has an addiction of his own. Secrets that refuse to stay buried in the perfect world that they\'ve created may threaten to claim their happiness and possibly even their life. This is an edgy, unpredictable novel that is certain to leave you wanting more.