Walk Like A Man

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Bruce Ford has done it all in professional rodeo having won or placed at virtually every big-time venue on his way to five World Championship Bareback Riding titles. He qualified for 19 National Finals Rodeos, the year-ending \"Superbowl\" of rodeo, including 18 in a row. He was the first cowboy to win over one hundred thousand dollars in a single event in a year and one of the first to amass over a million dollars for a career. He rewrote the record book before he retired as he broke or tied all the bareback riding records. He was still competing and winning at the ripe old age of 46. In WALK LIKE A MAN Bruce tells it like it was on the rodeo circuit. In his own words he describes the action, the travel, his pardners, and the pranks they played on themselves and others while living and loving the grueling life of a rodeo cowboy. His reflections on the good times and the bad give a clear image of his strength of faith, why he always believed in surrounding himself with like-minded winners, and why in any discussion of the greatest bareback riders of all-time Bruce\'s name invariably tops the list.