We Dream: Understanding God's Voice in the Night

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\"We Dream\" - Understanding God\'s Voice in the Night is the first installment of a series of writings on how to interpret your dreams. The objective is to take you into the mind of an interpreter while changing the way you think about dreaming.

Learning how to accurately interpret your dreams will literally change your approach to life. Interpretation is part art - part science - part gift. Most people will awaken from a dream with a significant emotional impact. Overtime the dream may fade, and quite possibly the desire for its meaning.

One must know the difference between being a person in the dream versus being an observer and the distinct meaning of each. As you continue to read, you will begin to understand total recall, mistaken identity and how certain types of spiritual practices influence your dream state.

You will begin to understand the purpose of an animal in your dream and how its real-life characteristic is used to unravel a message. Locations, numbers and seasons will be explained.

When God inserts famous people into your dream, what they represent reflects one of the most important revelations of the message. Your family members seldom represent themselves, but rather some aspect of the dreamer.

In addition, after reading \"We Dream\", you will have a resource reference that explains why you have nightmares and the possible source of your dream contamination. You will find specific lists detailing why you are being warned in a dream. There is a list that will ignite a desire to research and identify all ancient demons that are plaguing your dreams. Once identified, there is a chapter near the close of the book that speaks to demonic attacks on the soul, which can be terminated.

The close of the book includes an A-Z glossary to equip you with understanding symbolic definitions. This resource is a practical tool on how to begin dream interpret.