Webster's New World Dictionary, Fifth Edition

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We define your world.(R) Now completely updated with over 1,200 new words and senses.

Based on the authoritative Webster\'s New World(R) College Dictionary, Fifth Edition, this new edition of the paperback Webster\'s New World Dictionary has been completely updated; every single entry has been reviewed and revised as necessary. Over 1,200 new words and senses, such as bioethics, ciabatta, paywall, and selfie, reflect recent developments in the sciences, technology, and popular culture. Hundreds of example phrases enhance the definitions, usage guidance provides grammatical advice, and a table of units of measurement gives helpful data in a useful visual format. Forming the backbone of this lightweight, compact paperback dictionary, however, are its more than 60,000 words. Clear, straightforward definitions--supplemented by pronunciations, inflections of irregular verbs and plural nouns, and selected etymologies--make the Webster\'s New World(R) Dictionary an essential reference for the office, school, or home.