Who Shot YA: Bullets, Blood and Betrayal

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On the streets of Denton, Texas, ASSATA\'s blood type is G for gangsta, an attribute of himself that he wears with pride and honor. Loyalty runs through his veins thicker than blood, and his heart knows no fear. When killers gun down his closest friend, Assata finds himself sipping from a cup of revenge that is almost too bitter to digest. But nothing will stop him from honoring the vow he made to his mans before he took his last breath. Though Assata is calculating and deadly, his desire for someone to love and trust run deep, which leads him to JAZZY, an intellectual woman with a heart that craves things that can\'t coexist in her straight-laced life. Fresh out of college, Jazzy walks into a storm of blood and bullets that she never expected to encounter. Will Assata be able to protect his queen? Or will her unlikely dance with the devil pave her way to an early grave, as she and her man seek to find the answer to a puzzle that joins them at the hip? WHO SHOT YA may turn out to be a question they shouldn\'t have been asked.