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Public Speaking

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Transform Your Self is a road-map to bringing more compassion, kindness and love into your life. Learn why self-talk is so important to our relationships - both at home and at work. Discover what a powerful force our self-talk is in charting the direction of our lives. Gain the skills you need to slow down and listen to your self talk and change your inner conversation.

This book will not only help you defeat your fear and anxiety of speaking in public; the tools and techniques that you'll learn in this book will undoubtedly put you on the path to becoming one of the best public speakers.

  • One of the most practical (not theory) books on public speaking and presentation skill building
  • Written for novice to advanced speakers
  • There is a chapter for everybody from Defeating Fear and Anxiety to Finding Your Winning Style to Memory Technique to Remember Your Speech
  • Writing style used is - get to the point
  • Every page includes new information
  • What I learned, found and discovered

Unlike most public speaking books, Public Speaking to Get Business doesn't tell you how to become a better speaker, build your stage presence and confidence, prepare a stellar presentation, and the like. Already a ton of good books out there on those topics.

Binding / Paperback: 190 pages

Publish Date: July 10, 2020