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Hooded: A Black Girl's Guide to the Ph.D.

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Hooded: A Black Girl's Guide to the Ph.D. explores the unexamined experiences of Black women in higher education. From racism and navigating feelings of self-doubt to confronting microaggressions, Black women face an uphill battle as they earn advanced degrees in majority-white institutions and departments. Having a voice means facing retaliation or dismissal while staying silent becomes a heavy burden all its own.

In Hooded, Dr. Malika Grayson offers an account of surviving and thriving as a doctoral candidate in STEM. Written for those who have never seen themselves represented in their chosen career, Hooded provides practical survival strategies, mental health tips, and ideas for creating community and leaving a lasting legacy. With this essential resource, you won't feel quite as alone--and you might even become your own unexpected hero.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 174 pages

Publish Date: 30 September 2020