A Pimp And The Truth

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When Playas meet it's always a treat. The summer of 1990, held a special significance for Jon Lemons; and would ultimately prove to be his rite of passage in his steady advance. Tried and tested by the streets in South Metropolitan Atlanta one revelation leads to another as he is seduced by the criminal culture. A truth is slowly becoming apparent as he first takes hoe money under the impression that a Pimp is a skill to be learned. Exposure quickly reveals that Pimps are not made but born. A Pimp and The Truth is the first book in The Urban Legend Series, and is a true life rendition of the life and times of the author Jon Lemons. This gritty narrative will reveal " The Life " in a whole new light and make you question what you thought it meant to be A Pimp.

Binding / Paperback: 134 pages

Publish Date: August 27, 2016