Black Billionaire 3: His White Servant

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Estelle's ordeal continues in her own house. Jamal and his big black friends bring over a powerful machine, the Sybian, to enhance their session.

Estelle faces off against the vibrating power of the machine in addition to the powerful crew of black men in her latest favor for Jamal. Does Jamal finally set Estelle free with a share of his dead uncle's funds or does she remain his white sex slave? Warning!

This explicit story contains black MMMMMM / bound Caucasian f, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, double penetration, triple penetration, spanking, whipping, breeding and elements of BDSM including tied up sex and slave/master and the introduction of a vibrating Sybian machine.

Estelle's journey to freedom and inheritence money concludes! It is highly advised that the Black Billionaire and the Black Billionaire 2 be read prior to reading the Black Billionaire 3.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 34 pages

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