CDL Test Study Guide!

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If you want to take the CDL exam but don\'t have a lot of time for studying, keep reading....

You are no doubt a busy professional with a lot of things going on! It can be challenging to find the time to study for the commercial driver\'s license test! That is why the author, Jordan Freeman, developed the CDL exam license study guide! This edition is a complete review edition. It covers all aspects of the CDL test. It comes in text format, so that you can use it and refer to it anytime! It\'s sections include:

  • Chapter 1: What Is a CDL and Why Get One?
  • Chapter 2: Rules of the Road
  • Chapter 3: School Bus Endorsement
  • Chapter 4: Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings
  • Chapter 5: Student Management
  • Chapter 6: Vehicle Inspection Study Guide
  • Chapter 7: Tanker Endorsement
  • Chapter 8: Hazardous Materials
  • Chapter 9: Combination Vehicle
  • Chapter 10: ROAD TEST
  • Chapter 11: Hazardous Conditions
  • Road Test Glossary
  • Chapter 12: Major Safety Concerns
  • Chapter 13: Off Road Driving Skills
  • Chapter 14: Glossary of Off Road Driving Skills
  • Chapter 15: Conclusion

Each section is divided into further subsections, making sure all aspects are covered! If you read our study guide and take the time to really understand the concepts, we are confident you will be on your way to an exciting new career!

Binding / Paperback: 192 pages

Publish Date: March 17, 2020