Chasing The Squirrel

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CHASING THE SQUIRREL is the true story of notorious drug smuggler Wally Thrasher, whose investigation led to the biggest drug bust in Mid-Atlantic United States history in 1986. Nicknamed, ?The Squirrel? for his elusivenes, Thrasher was a daredevil pilot who made millions flying marijuana and cocaine from South America into the US in the 70s and 80s. With his beautiful Portuguese-born wife, Olga, he lived in a mountain estate near Virginia?s New River Valley. He owned oceanfront homes and yachts in Florida, spent weekends in the Caribbean and laundered money in Las Vegas, where he partied with Frank Sinatra?s entourage. The Feds were hot on his tail in 1984 when word came that he had died in a plane crash in Belize, his body burnt to ashes. But investigators soon learned the crash was staged and the death certificate fake. Meanwhile, Olga became a federal informant assisting the DEA in an audacious undercover sting to infiltrate the highest levels of his smuggling ring. Thirteen international traffickers were indicted, including Bolivian drug lord Roberto Suarez-Gomez, known as the world?s ?King of Cocaine.? But Wally Thrasher was never caught. Authorities believe he has spent the past four decades living in some faraway tropical land. He was recently profiled on ?America?s Most Wanted? as US Marshals chased leads around the globe in his pursuit.

Binding / Paperback: 352 pages

Publish Date: 27 Mayo 2020