Death of Jacob Track: Volume 1 of The 33X Series

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At 17 years old, Jacob Track is murdered by his possessive ex-girlfriend. His death appears to be a suicide and the small town of Larned, Kansas mourns the loss of his young life. Less than a year later, rumors begin to spread that Jacob is back from the dead. As Jacob\'s best friends, a group known as The Misfits, prepare for their senior year of high school, they long to find out if their friend is truly a member of the undead. However, the answer may be deadly. Along the way, more questions come than answers surrounding the mystery of Jacob\'s death and possible resurrection. Who really murdered Jacob? Why did she do it? And does it even matter? As there is a secretive man that knows more about Jacob\'s death than anyone else. What significant part does he play? Are his plans for good or evil? As the truth begins to unfold, the reasons for Jacob\'s death become more clouded and more deadly for all of those in Larned. No one in this small town will ever be the same once the truth is revealed. The death of Jacob Track is not at all what it appears to be.