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After publishing an initial version in January of 2015, this 2018 Edition comments on significant new cases, changes in the law, and the revolution of technology. The original purpose of the book remains the same: to provide an overview of the ever-changing music industry, the important legal considerations to keep in mind, and counsel on how best to manage a career. It is a guide, not a full legal treatise or commentary. Specifically, the book is structured to give the reader: (i) an introduction to intellectual property (copyright and trademark); (ii) how intellectual property can be turned into revenue (music publishing and royalties); (iii) how to identify and structure the most appropriate business entity for a given venture (LLC’s, etc.); (iv) important concepts in contracts and the proper form of contracts (various performer agreements, band agreements, recording agreements); and (v) what happens when the band or collaboration dissolves. Both musicians and business people alike should find this book informative and useful.

Binding: Paperback

Physical Info: 359 pages

Publish Date: 7 November 2014