Fuck Miss Saigon

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This remarkable book is the first ever written about commercial sex by a Vietnamese prostitute. Mekong Moe was born in South Vietnam in 1972, just as the US was preparing to pull its troops out and leave the communist North to capture Saigon. She married early, had two children, but increasingly despised her foolish husband. In 2009 she got divorced. Desperately short of money, she travelled to Singapore to work in a hairdressing salon. When she got there, however, she soon discovered she had been tricked. To repay her ticket costs, she would have to sell sex to western businessmen. In this fascinating account of her subsequent adventures, Moe describes the life of a mature Asian hooker. She chronicles her exploits as a blatant street-walker around Singapore, a discreet ‘hostess’ in smart sex clubs in Dubai and a provider of cheap 'tricks' in Shanghai. She has offered elite escort services to senior businessmen staying in the 5-star hotels in Vietnam and abroad. Moe paints a sympathetic picture of her clients. She gives steamy erotic descriptions of sex with her French boyfriend and other favourite customers. She ties her experiences in with the history of prostitution in her country. She explains the importance of sex work for women from the Vietnamese countryside to escape poverty. The book is richly illustrated, and is a 'must read' for anyone interested in prostitution in Asia today. Her spirited sexuality is evident. The reader will learn much about Asian eroticism, sex tourism in Asia and the Middle East, and the sex lives of the Vietnamese. This experienced Asian MILF whore clearly knows how to fuck and suck. Her customers evidently take home fond memories of the special adventures she has to offer any businessman or traveller lucky enough to meet her in the red light districts of the Gulf or the Orient.

Binding / Paperback: 170 pages

Publish Date: November 23, 2017