How To Learn Spanish With Movies, TV Shows, And Music

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How to Learn Spanish with Movies, TV Shows, and Music: The Most Effortless, Enjoyable, and Effective Way to Learn Spanish Fast

Contributor(s): Beckett, Scott (Author), Dykas, Amanda (Author), Lime, Lingo (Author)
ISBN: 1672327121 EAN: 9781672327121
Publisher: Independently Published US SRP: $14.95 US
Binding: Paperback: 136 pages
Pub Date: December 07, 2019
Annotation: The SIMPLEST, most POWERFUL SECRET to learning SPANISH lies beyond this one question…

How did you first learn to speak your native tongue?

By hearing the language spoken every day by family and friends.

Picture a brick wall. You’re standing on one side and the goal of becoming fluent in Spanish is on the other. You’re extremely determined to get to the other side, so you begin hacking away with every kind of tool you can get your hands on.

Now, imagine climbing on top of a large bulldozer and simply plowing your way through the brick wall to the other side. You think to yourself, “Gee, that was easy. I should have started with that!”

Use your most powerful tool: Immersion through LISTENING.

Simply put: What you hear = What you say. And if you want to become fluent in Spanish, there’s an exciting way to use this to your advantage.
In this book, you will discover…

• How to use movies, TV shows, and music to learn Spanish
• How to use my proven and original, step by step method to make fast progress
• How to use NETFLIX, HULU, AMAZON VIDEO, DISNEY PLUS and other popular streaming services to learn Spanish
• How to not just “watch a movie” but how to properly “study a movie” in a fun and enjoyable way that gets real results
• The proven science behind incorporating fun with learning and how it can help you with your studies
• How to be more consistent in your Spanish learning to gain better and faster results
• A detailed list of the Top 20 movies, Top 20 TV shows, and Top 20 Songs that are perfect for learning Spanish
***A demonstrative guide of the entire learning process is also included***
If you struggle with these problems…

• I find studying textbooks painfully boring
• I’m a beginner and I don’t know where to start
• I can’t seem to learn no matter how much I study
• I can’t seem to get the pronunciation right
• I’m losing my motivation to continue learning
• My progress is too slow
• I keep forgetting what I learned

…then this book is perfect for you!

Come learn how to study Spanish in an exciting, stimulating, interesting, unorthodox, and dramatic new way! Don’t wait another minute! Grab your copy of this book and get started TODAY!

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