How to Start, Run & Grow a Part-Time Notary Public & Loan Signing Agent Business

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How to Start, Run & Grow a Part-Time Notary Public & Loan Signing Agent Business
DIY Startup Guide For All 50 States & DC
If you can work 2-3 hours a day and bring home around 50K/year, would you consider that to be a good side business? If so, would you want to give that a try? Let me explain how.

The profession of notary signing agent is becoming more and more popular lately simply because there are more transactions and loans being approved via online and from companies across the country. Even until ten years ago, if you wanted to get a loan, you would apply at your local banks, but not anymore, you can apply online to various online banks and lending institutions who offer better terms and rates than most of your typical local banks.

But anytime there is a loan closing where the lending institution does not have a local office; they call on local loan signing agents who are also a notary public. The job of the notary/loan signing agent is to meet with the applicants in person, and have them sign and notarize their loan closing documents then send the documents back to the lender.

A typical loan signing can take around an hour to an hour and a half and the compensation ranges from $100-$200 for each closing.

Since all Notary signing agents are also Notary public by default, you can also offer your notary service to your local community and pick some extra income. If you had to notarize any documents lately, then you know a typical notary charges between $10- $25 to notarize a document.

Best of all, you don’t have to give up your full-time job or business to start this business. You can always offer your services just in the evenings and weekends and only when you are not busy doing things with your family.

Lets’ say you only offer your services on the weekend and do about two closings a week which is around 4 hours of work. You can make anywhere from $200-$400 each week. Let’s say you make the average of $300 a week that would mean you are making $1,200 extra each month which is $14,400 per year. Tell me isn’t that a great side income to have?

If this interests you enough, here is what I show you in this How to Start, Run & Grow a Part-Time Notary Public & Loan Signing Agent Business book.

In Part -1

What is Notarization
The Notarization Process
Difference Between Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent
What Certificates and Training You will Need
Five Benefits Becoming a Notary Signing Agent
The cost to become a Notary Signing Agent
How to get Started
Supplies you will need
Expenses to Consider
Insurance & Bonds You will Need
Running a Notary Signing Agent Business
How to get your First Assignment
How to get in and out of State clients
Eight Ways You Can Make Extra Money
Detail Step By Step Process to Become a Notary Signing Agent
How to Renew Your Certificates

In Part -2

I outlined the exact requirements you will need to fulfill for each of the 50 States along with District of Columbia.

"Former notary in both Michigan and Indiana,but decided to read since moving from Indiana. The author presents information in a clear easy to understand manner. And I can't stress enough the point made under each state--know your
state laws as to what you can and cannot do as a notary. The only thing I would add is to check with the requirements before you start a notary business as this industry is changing every day." - Linda. A. Admas

Binding / Paperback: 164 pages

Publish Date: August 10, 2018

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