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November 24, 1971 - A man using the assumed name of 'Dan Cooper' leaped from the aft stairwell of a Boeing 727 jetliner after demanding four parachutes and $ 200,000 in cash. He was never seen again, and four decades later, he has never been identified - until now. Kenneth Peter Christiansen, a former World War II paratrooper and later a purser for Northwest Airlines, was the man who pulled off one of the boldest unsolved crimes in history. Skipp Porteous of Sherlock Investigations, New York, and Robert Blevins of Adventure Books of Seattle present the case that Christiansen and Cooper were one and the same. This specially revised edition of the book takes into account new information discovered about Christiansen since the original release. Additional photos, new witness testimony, and a chapter on how the History Channel became involved have been added. Blevins and Porteous show how Christiansen planned the hijacking of NWA Flight 305, what motivated him to do it, who helped him on the ground, and what he did with the money afterward. More than forty pictures, many of them new, as well as interviews with the witnesses, reveals the truth at last. Into The Blast was the subject of a recent episode on the History Channel show Brad Meltzer's Decoded.

Binding / Paperback: 152 pages

Publish Date: December 24, 2010