Man Talk

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Man Talk: The Hard Things Men Never Talk About

Contributor(s): Howell, Chris (Author)
ISBN: 0692137440 EAN: 9780692137444
Publisher: Chris Howell Communications
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Binding: Paperback: 100 pages
Pub Date: June 08, 2018

Annotation: The purpose for rethinking how we communicate as men is not to try to make us think more like women, as if that were ever possible. Instead, the purpose is to help us as men find the benefits of better communication and provide examples of how we can improve, and tools we can easily employ to improve our relationships and interactions with the women in our lives.

For the indomitable tough guy who needs a little help with the steps in communicating, here is a mini course for you. Try this simple three-step tutorial to help you think your way through to better communication and reduce any fear of “emotions” you may have. Step 1 - Observation.

The first step in improving communication is to pay more attention to as many details as you can tolerate. (You will increase your tolerance for details with use.) Simply make a mental note of whatever you can see and hear and any other sensory perception you are able to notice. Step 2 - Evaluation.

This one is the easiest step. All you have to do is develop an opinion about what you saw, heard, or perceived. You simply decide if you like it or not, or would someone else like it or find it beneficial. Step 3 - Response. This is the hardest step of all. This is the point where you give a short verbal report of what you observed and how you evaluate its usefulness. Once you have practiced these steps enough to do them without much effort or without notes, you are then ready to be certified as a “communicator.”

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