Pimp of da Ratchetts

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Twan, a recent high school dropout, does what he must to survive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Life isn't easy, but he makes it work, even though he's not a d-boy or a gangster. Twan takes a different route. Pimpin' is his game. He doesn't believe there's any such thing as a hoe that's too ratchett. A hoe means dough. Twan doesn't care how ratchett she is or if she's a damned runaway if she pays. For him, all hoes are cash cows.

All Twan wants to do is rep for BR and put the Southside on the map. The only problem is his crackhead mama, Lela, keeps setting him back. His high school sweetheart, Neese, chases him around the BR streets refusing to let him go. And, his new chick threatens to bring the kind of trouble that can get a pimp killed or double digits in the pen. Will Twan get trapped or cracked trying to pimp BR onto the map?

Binding / Paperback: 152 pages

Publish Date: October 31, 2019