Pimp to Preacher

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On the streets of Los Angeles, every five-mile radius has its own Superfly, and Bruce Henderson was The Fly of his. At the top of his game back in the day, he knew only free-flowing cash, hip cribs, a cash-cow drug business, brand new cars every month (to scramble the cops off his trail), and wall to wall women. All was going well for Bruce and his pimpdom until one day when his mother gave him a little booklet that packed a big punch. He made the ‘mistake’ of reading it, and life as he knew it, was never again the same. With every turn of the page, Bruce falls deeper and deeper into a supernatural abyss that seemed to play for keeps. Something or someone meant to own him, consume him. The booklet proved to be his 'Jonah's whale.' It’s a rare occasion, indeed, when the walls between this physical world melt away completely, in true Elijahesque-style, only to expose the very Creator. And for Bruce, there seemed to be no limits at all to what the Creator would show him, do for him or take him to! Today, at the touch of his hand, Bruce’s healing ministry manifests in ways perhaps never seen before in the Continental U.S. Join Evangelist Bruce Henderson on his shocking, near-catastrophic induction into Christ and ultimate salvation. "Bravo!" raves everyone who's read his story!

Binding / Paperback: 162 pages

Publish Date: 2 April 2013