Pimpilicious, or not?

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Were the Kings of Pop also Kings of Pimps? This "Macabre Classic" thoroughly examines the mysterious question of were the totally undisputed Kings of Pop in fact blaxploitation era lineage master pimps as has long been suspected by blaxploitation era lineage master pimps. This work initially contains a dedication to Prince' and Michael Jackson's totally unparalleled accomplishments and life's work and then it proceeds to cover core pandering philosophies and objectives and finally the work compares Prince' and Michael Jackson's known behavioral and lifestyle patterns, such as their failed interracial relationships, constant complaints of loneliness and morbid drug addiction to that of a plenipotentiary level theologian lineage master pimp. The author is a grand inquisitor level theologian lineage master pimpnological decryptologist who is an inconceivably highly capable profiler of panderers and prostitutes who has never incorrectly profiled any individual that matched a given profile on three strong points, both Prince and Michael Jackson profiled out as plenipotentiary level theologian lineage master pimps on twenty five specific points.

Binding / Paperback: 80 pages

Publish Date: July 19, 2009