Pimpology: The Macking Game

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Watch Your Daughters! The Pimps are on the prowl. In 2016, statistics revealed 5,551 young ladies were victimized by the commercial sex industry. Sex-trafficking traps young ladies into a life of prostitution. In Pimpology: The Macking Game, York Martin III and DeVan Brittenum reveal why a girl succumbs to a Mack and mentally submit to the Sex-trafficking game. Learn the pimps\' strategies. Pimpology: The Macking Game is a novel about the chilling life of a big time major League Mack who was born and raised in the ghettos of Orange Mound in Memphis, Tennessee. His relationship with his women caused them to stick close to him because they believed that he would lead them to fame and fortune. Follow York as he uncovers the Game.

Binding / Paperback: 142 pages

Publish Date: 6 April 2017